Life Energy Flow Tai Yi School of Healing

Some assume energy is intelligent. Energy follows commands, it is set in motion. One must ask if energy were intelligent why would there be disease? Why does your heart beat? It beats because there is an interaction, that produces a signal that commands it to. Energy follows commands, most of the commands are commands that come from the brain, the genetic programming, the subconscious mind, beliefs, emotions, and social pressures. 

Once a command is given, energy goes to work to create the outcome of that command. It is under this premise that Tai Yi works, by working to balance internal communication between parts of self.  – Hossca Harrison

Life Energy Flow Tai Yi School of Healing is preparing to start a NEW BASIC CLASS for students in 2019.

Precise Points for Precise Healing

Each Tai Yi treatment uses a Grid System. The Grid System is a series of gentle pressure points (one pound of pressure) on the body. Each point that is “set” corresponds to a point on a meridian. Each series of points in a treatment works with establishing a certain movement of energy for a desired outcome.

The Grid system is a part of what makes Tai Yi unique. Most hands on energy modalities are not specific in where energy is sent into the body or bodies.

Healing Intelligence

Often ones are taught that energy is “intelligent” and just knows where to go and what to do. If energy naturally carried healing intelligence there would never be an imbalance of life energy within body.  The brain and the mind can carry and send many different frequencies of energy to create disruption, dis-ease throughout the bodies.  These energies are not intelligent energies for healing. Energy does carry intelligence, this is simply understood by looking at the laws of physics, however not all energy carries “healing intelligence”.

The Grid System directs the healing intelligence of each exercise. The Grid System establishes this order and how energy, will move within the meridian system.

Transference of Energy

Years ago I was asked to watch a demonstration of hands on healing.  As I watched, I could see the practitioner placing their hands on the person’s chest and stomach.  After about two minutes I saw energy coming from the practitioner’s hands and flowing into the client’s body.  The energy was coming from the practitioner, meaning their own personal and in this case polluted energy.  The energy, of the client who had cancer was flowing back into the practitioner.  I thought to myself, how can this be healing?  A question I certainly had for my teacher the next time we met for my learning sessions. I asked the question of my teacher and his response was this; “Many think all energy is healing, not so, all energy can create learning, but not all energy is healing.”

Many modalities do not respect the transfence of energy.

Two Aspects Of A Grid

There are generally two aspects to the Grid System. The first is the actual Grid. Each Grid carries a certain number of points, which are to be “set” in a certain order. Setting this Grid works with preparing these points to accept energy, thus setting into motion how the energy will move within the maze of meridians and gates. 

The second aspect of the Grid System is the numerical order, length of time, and method of sending energy into these points established when the Grid was set. This second aspect is equally as important in creating the movement of energy desired in each treatment.

Advanced students are tested regularly to accurately set points in the proper order, send energy into the points in the correct order, for the proper length of time, and to apply the proper method of energy that a particular treatment requires.

Energy Work In General

Many forms of energy work are overly simplistic. You can call yourself a master in a single weekend or two.

Most healers are not taught about healing energy, they assume the energy they are going to send is a healing energy.  One must learn to send Universal Energy, not personal energy. 

What if you were in an accident, taken to the hospital, and then were told you needed a blood transfusion.  Would you expect pure blood or blood polluted with different viruses?  This is not greatly different than receiving energy. 

Universal Energy

Universal Energy is clear unpolluted energy that allows all meridians and gates (points that connect the meridians) to perfectly balance the bodies.  Each exercise has its own unique grid system that is created on the body, to allow pure Universal Energy to flow directly into the area, issue, and core of mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical pain.  It is your right to expect pure energy, it is also your right to allow Universal Energy to flow and allow healing to occur.

Importance of Universal Energy

 I teach all my students how to send Universal Energy.  They are continually tested on sending Universal Energy.  This is a requirement for each student to advance to the Advanced Studies of Tai Yi.
Would you want or allow the practitioner to send their own energy into you?  What if the practitioner was depressed, angry, or carried some form of illness?  Would you want that energy flowing into you?  Not only would a healing not occur, you may walk away feeling much worse, even days or weeks later.  Many do not think about this because people are not taught what energy is and how it works.  Never assume all energy heals.  Cancer is energy, diabetes is energy, depression is energy, and yes, a painful relationship is energy.