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Walking with a Master

Hossca’s Journey Learning Tai Yi from the Chinese Master

Part 1 of 9

It has been stated, “When you lose sight of your goal is when you choose to focus on your obstacles.”  Having worked with Jonah for twenty eight years in the United States and other countries/cultures, I find a strong common denominator.  People become invested in their obstacles. They seem to always have a reason, a painful childhood, failed relationships, ill health (mental and emotional), or just plain tired.  What would it be like if you had no obstacles in reaching your goal?   What would it be like if your brain became blind to your perceived obstacles? 

How long can you focus on your goal in terms of minutes, without losing focus?    Are your obstacles more interesting?  Perhaps if this is so, you need a different goal.  Perhaps your goal is something someone else wanted for you.  If your goal is fully connected to your pathway there would be no obstacle more interesting than your goal.

My Tai Yi teacher taught me many years ago, the brain is not the seat of intelligence but an organic computer, a set of chemical programs designed to keep the body functioning or malfunctioning.  He would say, “You want intelligence, go to the mind. Want more intelligence go to the higher mind. Want even more intelligence go to the heart.”  He would say, “The brain is the seat of many programs of failure, pain, and tradition.  Lose sight of heart goal, you then choose one of many programs of failure.”  

He gave me an exercise to teach the brain to focus.  Obtain 13 white balls, golf balls or ping pong balls.  If you do not want to invest in having these balls, then take white sheets of paper and wad them up into balls about the same size.  Place one white ball in the center of the room you are in.  Take the other twelve balls and scatter them about in random order surrounding the center white ball.  Sit in a comfortable position and stare at the center white ball.  Watch and see what occurs.  Does the center white ball disappear? If so, your brain is programmed to focus on obstacles and not your goal.  Do the twelve balls disappear and the center white ball glow?  If so, your brain is taught to empower your goal.  You can use this exercise to teach your brain to focus on your goal and not your obstacles.  Do this exercise, two to three times per week until all the twelve balls disappear and the white center ball stays in focus and becomes surrounded by light. 

Are you under the influence of others?  Are you programmed to fail?  Are you programmed to live in pain?  How are you being affected by the Global Subliminal Campaign?  Remember what Jonah teaches, “This is your life, this is about your life, and this is about the quality of your life.”…Hossca