Walking With A Master 3 of 9

Part 3 of 9

How often are you in a conversation with someone and the subject of healing comes up, for you or someone else?  Some have asked the question, is healing really possible or is healing a relapse of pain between mental, emotional, or physical traumas?  Why do some heal and others do not?  Why can one supposedly do the right thing with no healing results?  Those who read my book “Tide of Change” may remember my experience with the boy in a Seattle hospital, who was given a short time to live when I was asked to work on him.  Within a week he walked out of the hospital healed and years later, remained healed from that difficulty.  It brought up questions by the psychologists I was working with.  Do some deserve to heal and others do not?  Kitesa, the first entity who spoke through me, predicted to a psychologist his mother would die within a year.  Did that mean she had no conscious choice to live?  The prediction was not based on if changes were not made.  The prediction was she would die.  After all, she didn’t even know she was ill when Kitesa made this prediction.  Was it her fate to physically die, meaning whatever she did would not work, she was going to die?  She did die eleven months after the prediction without ever knowing of Kitesa’s prediction, at her son’s request.

I have spent thousands of hours over the last 27 years seeking and receiving answers from my teacher.

On one such occasion I arrived at the location he would usually teach me, called the Sacred Cave.  I was waiting for him to come up the mountain from the small bamboo hut he lived in next to a small lake.  After a short time, I could hear his voice in my mind saying, “Come down the mountain to my home and we shall share.”

I had seen his home from a distance but had never been inside.  I walked down the mountain a short distance and came up to the entrance to his small hut.  It had no doors or glass windows, and sat on the side of a hill a couple feet above the level of the water.  The hut had walls on three sides but the side overlooking the lake was open to the elements.  Inside he had a thin rice pad matt he slept on and a small table he would eat at.  No cooking area just sleeping, eating, and looking out over the lake.  As I walked in, a young boy about the age of ten entered behind me with a small pot of hot rice.  He handed it to my teacher and quickly left.

“Do they bring you your meals everyday?” I asked.

“Everyday I eat,” he responded.  “Come sit down and I shall eat my meal.”

He uncovered the rice, reached into the pocket of his light colored robe, and pulled out some bright red and orange powered herbs. He then sprinkled them on his rice.  I started to ask him some questions and he said, “Can you not see I am eating my meal? Can you not have patience until I finish?”

I looked at him and said, “Yes, I can wait.”

As I watched, he began eating his rice with his chop sticks, one grain of rice at a time.  It must have taken him two hours to finish his small pot of rice.

He knew what I was thinking, “Patience, did you learn?” he asked.  “For that is the answer to your question.  Let’s go for a walk while we talk,” he said.

“Why do some heal and some do not?” I asked.

“One must have patience to heal.”

“But I know ones who have waited years, expecting to heal,” I answered.

“WAIT!” he shouted in his high pitch voice.  “Waiting is not patience. Waiting is physical spiritual inactivity. Patience is a state of being,” he stated.  “One can state I am waiting to be healed, or one can have the patience to heal.  Look at yourself, when you were sitting while I was eating, were you waiting or did you have patience?”

I knew he knew the answer. He never asked me a question he did not already know the answer to.  “I was waiting.”

“Now tell me what was occurring in your mind when you were waiting?” he asked.

I thought for a minute and said, “My mind was busy thinking of many different things.”

“Did you become distracted when you were waiting?  You heard the sound of the birds, and then you began thinking of birds.  You felt the breeze and began thinking about why I don’t have four walls to keep the cool breeze out.  When you are thinking while you are waiting, your mind becomes distracted,” he said.

“Now patience, if you had true patience while I was eating, your mind would have been focused on what you wanted to learn and nothing else.  No, ones who are impatient do not focus on their healing; they are focusing on who is going to heal them.  Know the difference between one waiting to be healed and one who has patience to heal.  How many come to you wanting Tai Yi with no patience, waiting to be healed?  Look at the woman who came to you last week.  Yes, I was watching,” he said.  “She accepted very little energy because her mind was too busy.  You told her what she needed to work on and what she should do for the rest of the day. Her reply was, ‘I do not have time; I must get back to work.’  She will not heal,” he stated, “she has no patience for healing.”  “You Americans, Europeans and Western cultures can have patience to create a disease over many years, but no patience to heal.  Pain is a sign you waited to long to begin healing.  Pain is a sign you had not patience for yourself. Now you have much more to heal.”

He paused for a time, laughed out loud and then said, “Learn patience now.  You will need it.”

He laughed again and said, “Just wait until you have Tai Yi students.”  He turned and walked away saying, “Go home, I see you next time.”

I shouted to him as he was walking away and said, “But I do not plan on having Tai Yi students.”

He laughed even louder and said again, “Go home”…Hossca