Walking With A Master 7 of 9

Part 7 of 9

 While assisting people in need, for almost 30 years, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many different people with every difficulty, one could image.  So often I hear from ones, “I am just tired of healing.”  Some people seem to work on healing more than any other area of their life.  They feel burned out and want to give up. 

I remember well, a conversation I had 20 years ago in 1990 with my Chinese Teacher.  I had just returned from Greece doing a Jonah workshop on the island of Hydra. Just before the workshop began an old man came up to me, telling me he had worked for many years healing.  He was spiritually tired and looked forward to the day he would physically die.  As he was speaking I asked myself, where is the joy, where is the satisfaction of healing?  I thought to myself, when one heals is there a benefit to the healing, or does one just go on to the next healing issue?  A good question for my teacher the next time I see him.

 That opportunity came just days after I returned home.  I arrived at the Sacred Cave during mid morning.  It was very quiet with light filtering into the cave.  It had rained the night before and the air was filled with moisture.  It was a welcome relief from the dry air of Colorado. 

My teacher was not there, which was an indication it was a time for me to prepare for my coming lesson on healing.  I began thinking about the old Greek man and others I had encountered, who were tired of healing and just waiting for their physical death.  How can one heal and experience joy of life, instead of being tired of living?

As I was sitting there running these thoughts through my mind, my teacher arrived carrying large bags filled with herbs, strapped over his shoulder.  As he entered the cave I walked over and took the bags off his shoulder, realizing they must have weighed over fifty pounds.  I looked at him in amazement. He was 94 years old at the time and he had just walked up the mountain carrying this weight. His face shined with joy and excitement of life.  His body was free from pain, his mind was free from confusion, and his emotions were free from all the clutter most humans carry.

“Do you ever have pain?” I asked.

“Pain,” he replied. “Why I carry pain?  I have no room for pain.  You carry pain when you have room for pain.  A personal philosophy I choose to live.  But that not question.  You ask question you thinking about, then I answer question.”

“Tell me about healing?” I asked. “I find many people grow tired of healing, or as they heal they find something else that is in need of healing.  Their healing seems to take all the energy they have.  I see them walking through life as if they have a great burden.” 

“Healing?” he asked.  “You come with me.  I show you.” 

We walked out of the cave and took a different path I had not taken before.  This path curved downward, away from the lake and into a small meadow.  In the meadow was a large tree filled with fruit about the size of a plum.  “What kind of tree is this?” I asked.

“This called Jujube tree, it planted on day I was born, by my father.  This tree answer your question.”…Hossca