Walking With A Master 9 of 9

Part 9 of 9

His answer shocked me and pushed me into another realm of consciousness to explore.

“Correct answer!” he shouted. “How can one have a correct answer with such a complex issue of life, death, suffering, and transcending?  Life is a continuum, a continuous series of events that blend into each other so gradually and seamlessly, it is difficult to say where one becomes the next, just as a rainbow forms a continuum of color.  This garden took many years in developing the stages of healing, stemming from the traumatic human suffering that occurred.  Many do not understand healing, they understand they want the pain to end, but before the pain can truly end they must understand healing.  Life Energy Flow Tai Yi does indeed work in stages of healing, it also prevents healing from over lapping which can cause greater pain.  Your conscious mind perceives 5% of life in the physical, for the physical only occupies 5%.  Life is a continuum beyond the 5% physical; most pain comes from that part beyond the 5%.  Your future learning shall encompass healing beyond the 5%.  Dreams are a pathway to learning beyond the 5%.  The brain is a physical organ divided into many parts; the mind is nonphysical also divided into many parts.  Those parts keep themselves separated until the division is healed.  The division is caused by denial.  If an adult wants to heal their childhood, but the mind denies remembering their childhood it creates a division. Or if the adult has false memories of childhood abuse it also creates a division.  If an adult wants to heal pain, they must open that part of themselves of which the pain originated.”  

My teacher saw I was getting a little confused and said, “Let us walk to my shelter.  I will have one bring me some rice.”

I thought to myself, this is going to take a long time. He eats rice one grain at a time.  He heard my thoughts, laughed and said, “I eat half the grains and you eat half the grains.” 

Me, chop sticks, eating one grain at a time.  Yes, this will take a long time.  As we arrived at his shelter, a young girl about the age of 16 was walking out his doorway.  “Your rice is ready,” she replied to my teacher.

He bowed to her, walked in, and sat in front of his rice bowl.  There were two sets of chop sticks. “You are serious?” I asked.

He laughed and stated, “Now eat.” 

As I sat down, he pulled a small bottle of herbs out of his pocket and sprinkled a bright green colored powder on the rice.  I looked down at the rice when he spoke, “Rice is a conduit for herbs or whatever I choose to put on the rice.  The human body is a conduit for the soul.  Learn to read the body and you learn to read the soul.  You learn to read the pain, the joy, the direction you shall take tomorrow.  Many try to change their body, not knowing why their body is the way it is.  Many try to change the pain without knowing, why the pain is what it is.  Many try to heal anger or disease, without understanding why it is there.  Many choose to judge the body, the pain, anger, or disease. This judgment blocks all understanding of why it is what it is.”

“Heal in stages?”

“Yes, but first you must understand the stages, then you heal.  This garden is healing in stages, but before it could heal one had to understand the stages of the pain and suffering that had occurred in that spot. The pain and suffering that occurred in that spot continues. It is a continuum one life after another, until one looks at the cause and asks why it is what it is.  The people now of my village, were ones that died that day of the storm.  They have returned to build a beautiful garden on the same spot.  They have learned to turn pain into beauty, suffering into inspiration. I teach you Life Energy Flow Tai Yi so you might turn pain into beauty, and suffering into inspiration.  Yes, beauty and inspiration is the pathway to home…to be continued in my book “Walking with a Master”…Hossca