Walking With A Master 4 of 9

Part 4 of 9

It was a warm summer day when I arrived at the Sacred Cave.  The cave was about 300 by 100 feet in size.  The floor and walls were well worn.  Day light came in from holes in the walls and ceiling of the cave creating a soft glow of light.  The walls had shelves carved into them, all filled with containers of herbs.  In the center of the cave was a raised stone platform, about the size of a massage table with its legs lowered.  As my teacher stood four feet ten inches tall it fit him perfectly.

On that day my teacher was sitting in a lotus position on top of the platform waiting for me to arrive.  “Philosophy of healing, Philosophy of Tai Yi, the Art of Healing,” he said as I walked up to him.  “This will explain why some heal and some do not heal.”

“Philosophy?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied, “an examination, a set of basic concepts, a particular sphere of knowledge.”  He laughed and said, “Did you like that mental interruption?  It is all called, the Art of Healing.  Healing does not just occur, just as disease does not just occur.  One can have patience over many years to create a disease.  The Art of Healing requires one to use that same patience to heal.  You want to learn the Art of Healing, the Art of Tai Yi?” he asked. “Then you must develop passion, for without passion you cannot learn the Art of Healing, the Art of Tai Yi.  What is the primary adversary of passion?” he asked.

I stood there thinking what the answer might be.  He saw me thinking and said, “Go back in your memory to the second child you worked on.  Tell me all about it.”

I thought back and remembered it was one of those experiences you never forget.  I had received a phone call from a man describing himself as a doctor.  “My son has a tumor and is scheduled for surgery in two days.  Can you help me?” he asked.

“I do not know. I can try.”

“Well, I heard what happened to that boy in the hospital in Seattle.  Will you do that on my son?”

“I am not even sure what I did, but I will work on your son and see what happens.”

The next day the doctor arrived with his eight year old son. His son had red hair and a freckled face showing much fear.  As he walked into our home the father stated, “I have a request from you.  I do not want you to tell anyone I came to see you.  I do not want my name ever given, as I am a doctor and it just would not go over well if my colleagues knew I was seeing a faith healer.”

“A faith healer?” I asked in surprise.

“Well, whatever you are.”

“OK, I will never give your name out.  No one will know who you are.”

He continued talking telling me about his son’s tumor.  He said it was the size of a grapefruit in his intestines.  I had his son lay down on our couch as his father pulled up a chair to watch.  I started to put my hands on his stomach location when I felt to put pressure with my finger on different points on his body. Then I felt intense heat come out of my hand as had occurred before.  I placed my hand on the location of the tumor for about ten minutes.  The heat left my hand; I looked at his father and said, “That is all I can do.”

His son was too tired to stand up. His father picked him up and carried him out to the car.  The next day he called and said the tumor had shrunk to the size of a pea so they cancelled the surgery.  “I just want to thank you, and remember do not tell anyone who I am.”

“I will not,” I replied.

I heard my teacher shout, “What did you learn?”

“Shame,” I said. “Shame is the answer.  Shame is the primary adversary of passion.”

My teacher went into a long discussion on the energy of shame and what it does to the mental, emotional and physical bodies.  “Your civilizations are strong on promoting shame.  How many times is the phrase used on children, ‘Shame on you’?  How many live in shame of their disease and shame of different alternative healings?  How many live in shame of how their body looks, or shame of their own spirituality?  Look at how many come to your teacher (Jonah) and carry shame they are going to one without a physical body.  Look at how many live in a closet to keep their shame hidden.  One who lives in a closet will only accomplish one thing.  They will end up with the most organized closet on the planet.  Yes, that father carried great shame, what would others think, could his ego handle it?  Yet the young boy did not carry shame.  He just wanted to heal and so he did.”

“Yes, shame is the primary adversary to passion,” answered my teacher.  “Begin to accept yourself as beautiful.  Don’t accept what the Elite want you to believe as to what beauty is or is not.  As you accept yourself as beautiful, you will begin to lessen the energy of shame thus allowing the energy of passion to be.  Passion will increase your immune system, it will increase your mental ability, and it will increase your love for life.”

Ask yourself when the elite dictate consciously or subliminally  what beauty is, will you accept it or make a statement, you are beautiful just the way you are?…Hossca

Walking With A Master 3 of 9

Part 3 of 9

How often are you in a conversation with someone and the subject of healing comes up, for you or someone else?  Some have asked the question, is healing really possible or is healing a relapse of pain between mental, emotional, or physical traumas?  Why do some heal and others do not?  Why can one supposedly do the right thing with no healing results?  Those who read my book “Tide of Change” may remember my experience with the boy in a Seattle hospital, who was given a short time to live when I was asked to work on him.  Within a week he walked out of the hospital healed and years later, remained healed from that difficulty.  It brought up questions by the psychologists I was working with.  Do some deserve to heal and others do not?  Kitesa, the first entity who spoke through me, predicted to a psychologist his mother would die within a year.  Did that mean she had no conscious choice to live?  The prediction was not based on if changes were not made.  The prediction was she would die.  After all, she didn’t even know she was ill when Kitesa made this prediction.  Was it her fate to physically die, meaning whatever she did would not work, she was going to die?  She did die eleven months after the prediction without ever knowing of Kitesa’s prediction, at her son’s request.

I have spent thousands of hours over the last 27 years seeking and receiving answers from my teacher.

On one such occasion I arrived at the location he would usually teach me, called the Sacred Cave.  I was waiting for him to come up the mountain from the small bamboo hut he lived in next to a small lake.  After a short time, I could hear his voice in my mind saying, “Come down the mountain to my home and we shall share.”

I had seen his home from a distance but had never been inside.  I walked down the mountain a short distance and came up to the entrance to his small hut.  It had no doors or glass windows, and sat on the side of a hill a couple feet above the level of the water.  The hut had walls on three sides but the side overlooking the lake was open to the elements.  Inside he had a thin rice pad matt he slept on and a small table he would eat at.  No cooking area just sleeping, eating, and looking out over the lake.  As I walked in, a young boy about the age of ten entered behind me with a small pot of hot rice.  He handed it to my teacher and quickly left.

“Do they bring you your meals everyday?” I asked.

“Everyday I eat,” he responded.  “Come sit down and I shall eat my meal.”

He uncovered the rice, reached into the pocket of his light colored robe, and pulled out some bright red and orange powered herbs. He then sprinkled them on his rice.  I started to ask him some questions and he said, “Can you not see I am eating my meal? Can you not have patience until I finish?”

I looked at him and said, “Yes, I can wait.”

As I watched, he began eating his rice with his chop sticks, one grain of rice at a time.  It must have taken him two hours to finish his small pot of rice.

He knew what I was thinking, “Patience, did you learn?” he asked.  “For that is the answer to your question.  Let’s go for a walk while we talk,” he said.

“Why do some heal and some do not?” I asked.

“One must have patience to heal.”

“But I know ones who have waited years, expecting to heal,” I answered.

“WAIT!” he shouted in his high pitch voice.  “Waiting is not patience. Waiting is physical spiritual inactivity. Patience is a state of being,” he stated.  “One can state I am waiting to be healed, or one can have the patience to heal.  Look at yourself, when you were sitting while I was eating, were you waiting or did you have patience?”

I knew he knew the answer. He never asked me a question he did not already know the answer to.  “I was waiting.”

“Now tell me what was occurring in your mind when you were waiting?” he asked.

I thought for a minute and said, “My mind was busy thinking of many different things.”

“Did you become distracted when you were waiting?  You heard the sound of the birds, and then you began thinking of birds.  You felt the breeze and began thinking about why I don’t have four walls to keep the cool breeze out.  When you are thinking while you are waiting, your mind becomes distracted,” he said.

“Now patience, if you had true patience while I was eating, your mind would have been focused on what you wanted to learn and nothing else.  No, ones who are impatient do not focus on their healing; they are focusing on who is going to heal them.  Know the difference between one waiting to be healed and one who has patience to heal.  How many come to you wanting Tai Yi with no patience, waiting to be healed?  Look at the woman who came to you last week.  Yes, I was watching,” he said.  “She accepted very little energy because her mind was too busy.  You told her what she needed to work on and what she should do for the rest of the day. Her reply was, ‘I do not have time; I must get back to work.’  She will not heal,” he stated, “she has no patience for healing.”  “You Americans, Europeans and Western cultures can have patience to create a disease over many years, but no patience to heal.  Pain is a sign you waited to long to begin healing.  Pain is a sign you had not patience for yourself. Now you have much more to heal.”

He paused for a time, laughed out loud and then said, “Learn patience now.  You will need it.”

He laughed again and said, “Just wait until you have Tai Yi students.”  He turned and walked away saying, “Go home, I see you next time.”

I shouted to him as he was walking away and said, “But I do not plan on having Tai Yi students.”

He laughed even louder and said again, “Go home”…Hossca

Walking With A Master 2 of 9

Part 2 of 9

 One thing most of us have in common is the desire to heal, be free from pain, and the desire to fully understand our own pathway and purpose in life.  How many truly understand what it takes to heal?  Some people say I just turn it over to God.  Some take herbs and vitamins to heal an ailment. Some obtain crystals and wear them around their neck or place them throughout their home.  Some go to healers — medical doctors, spiritual healers, energy workers, or something in-between.  Some heal and others do not, some heal temporarily only to find the issue or pain returning.  What allows for a total and deep healing?  Can one experience the healing of the mind or emotions, without the physical body healing?   These are questions I had myself in the early 80’s, when I first began practicing Tai Yi.                                                                               

My beloved Tai Yi teacher whom I call Chinese Master, (I only call him this when I speak of him, never when I have spoken to him in person) would spend countless hours teaching me about healing and what healing is and is not. I will share with you what I have been taught by my teacher of Tai Yi on the subject of healing. During this time I want to share with you the essence of my teacher and my relationship with him over the last 27 years.

On January 5, 2009, I was with my teacher when he shared with me this year (2009) was his time to depart the physical.  I had known for a few years he was planning on leaving the physical plane, but now I knew it was certain.  He told me that day he would share the precise time and place before his departure, so I would be there with him when he departed.  I spent as much time as I could with him, not so much as a teaching although it was, but in just being with him.  We talked much about the past, my past resistance to creating a school of healing, and the importance of keeping Tai Yi pure.  We talked a lot about the future where he would be journeying to, the home he had prepared for himself for after he left the physical, and the future of Life Energy Flow Tai Yi School of Healing.  I was with him on July 6 of this year, when he made the transition into the non physical.  I arrived several hours before he left. I sat in front of him as he sat in the lotus position.  He took hold of my hands and told me he had given instructions to the elders of the village, a short distance away, to care for his body and the physical structure he lived in.  He was highly regarded in the village, some saw him as a holy man, an avatar.  He saw himself as a small old Chinese man with no labels, and no name to be shared with others. 

He instructed me, “Never return to this place, meaning where he lived.  This structure has served a purpose for us to share, but soon I will be gone. The elders will dismantle this structure and the vegetation will return as it was before.” He squeezed my hands and looked me deep in the eyes and said, “You have been my student for many years, you have been my friend for many years on this journey. I entrust you with the teachings of life I have shared with you, I entrust you to keep Tai Yi pure.  Know this my beloved, when you have completed and it is your time to journey home, I will be there and hold your hands as you hold mine.”  

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and lifted up out of his small old body and stood there beside me. Then he gave me the traditional Tai Yi bow.  There was a flash of light, a loud sound like thunder, and he was gone.  I have only shared this with ones of my immediate family.  I have not had the emotional strength to review these events I shared with my teacher until now.  So I will share with you the essence of my Tai Yi teacher, and the many lessons he taught me on healing…Hossca

Walking With A Master 1 of 9

Excerpts from

Walking with a Master

Hossca’s Journey Learning Tai Yi from the Chinese Master

Part 1 of 9

It has been stated, “When you lose sight of your goal is when you choose to focus on your obstacles.”  Having worked with Jonah for twenty eight years in the United States and other countries/cultures, I find a strong common denominator.  People become invested in their obstacles. They seem to always have a reason, a painful childhood, failed relationships, ill health (mental and emotional), or just plain tired.  What would it be like if you had no obstacles in reaching your goal?   What would it be like if your brain became blind to your perceived obstacles? 

How long can you focus on your goal in terms of minutes, without losing focus?    Are your obstacles more interesting?  Perhaps if this is so, you need a different goal.  Perhaps your goal is something someone else wanted for you.  If your goal is fully connected to your pathway there would be no obstacle more interesting than your goal.

My Tai Yi teacher taught me many years ago, the brain is not the seat of intelligence but an organic computer, a set of chemical programs designed to keep the body functioning or malfunctioning.  He would say, “You want intelligence, go to the mind. Want more intelligence go to the higher mind. Want even more intelligence go to the heart.”  He would say, “The brain is the seat of many programs of failure, pain, and tradition.  Lose sight of heart goal, you then choose one of many programs of failure.”  

He gave me an exercise to teach the brain to focus.  Obtain 13 white balls, golf balls or ping pong balls.  If you do not want to invest in having these balls, then take white sheets of paper and wad them up into balls about the same size.  Place one white ball in the center of the room you are in.  Take the other twelve balls and scatter them about in random order surrounding the center white ball.  Sit in a comfortable position and stare at the center white ball.  Watch and see what occurs.  Does the center white ball disappear? If so, your brain is programmed to focus on obstacles and not your goal.  Do the twelve balls disappear and the center white ball glow?  If so, your brain is taught to empower your goal.  You can use this exercise to teach your brain to focus on your goal and not your obstacles.  Do this exercise, two to three times per week until all the twelve balls disappear and the white center ball stays in focus and becomes surrounded by light. 

Are you under the influence of others?  Are you programmed to fail?  Are you programmed to live in pain?  How are you being affected by the Global Subliminal Campaign?  Remember what Jonah teaches, “This is your life, this is about your life, and this is about the quality of your life.”…Hossca