Reflections From Hossca

Commitment to Tai Yi

I made a commitment to my teacher not just to teach Tai Yi, but also to keep Tai Yi pure. There are many elements in our society that attempt to pollute that which is pure, including but not limited to our foods, water, spiritual heritage, spiritual history, and our minds.  I take seriously my commitment to keep Tai Yi pure.  This is why it is very important for all my students to fully understand and live the philosophy of Life Energy Flow Tai Yi.

My teacher taught me repeatedly.  Life Energy Flow Tai Yi means to love the healing, to make supreme in your life, the love of life, allowing life energy flow to be the abundance of health, joy, peace, and wisdom.  What you were intended to experience.  

The philosophy I teach is supreme movement of self-empowerment, self-love, self-responsibility, becoming the master of your own life. – Hossca Harrison

My Learning

The purpose of Life Energy Flow Tai Yi School of Healing is to bring forth and teach my students this ancient form of hands on healing and its philosophy.  Life Energy Flow Tai Yi healing modality is thousands of years old. Tai Yi became lost in the many political and social upheavals in China over the millenniums. Many Chinese writings had become lost due to politicians rewriting the ancient language, changing the meaning and value of words.  My teacher lived from 1896 to 2009, although an old woman from his village told me once he was actually born in 1886. He just told me 1896, so I would not think of him as frail.  I was his primary and only student from 1982 to 2009.

Core Principal of Tai Yi

Life Energy Flow Tai Yi is the most powerful hands on healing modality available when the treatment is of perfection. The core principle making Life Energy Flow Tai Yi unique is the integration of 12 bodies, each body having its own set of meridians with a grid system and gate system, connecting each to universal innate intelligence by way of harmonizing strings. Life Energy Flow Tai Yi is an ancient teaching from thousands of years ago, forgotten by most.  Most if not all, current eastern spiritual teachings state there are seven bodies.  As the human body became denser vibrationally, the other five bodies became as nonexistent.  Teaching and connecting the 12 bodies is what makes Tai Yi so unique and powerful.

Complexity of Tai Yi

Many understand the physical body has meridians, as made popular by acupuncture. Currently there are no healing modalities (except Tai Yi) that teach the meridian and grid system of all 12 bodies.  As Tai Yi becomes better known, others will begin to understand the existence not only of the 12 bodies, but that each of the 12 bodies has its own unique meridian system. Tai Yi incorporates within its grids all or part of the 12 bodies per treatment; this makes all 4,446 Tai Yi treatments an exceptionally powerful hands on healing modality.

Living Your Philosophy

I could stand in front of an audience, and speak philosophy for 12 hours without notes and then continue for days.  When I founded Life Energy Flow Tai Yi School of Healing in 1994, I wanted this school to be different from other healing schools.  I want my students to understand Tai Yi and its power, but in addition, I want my students to understand and live the philosophy of Life Energy Flow Tai Yi, living the power to heal.  Anyone can simply memorize Tai Yi treatment, but that does not make one a healer.

I have carried many labels in this life, medium, healer, and founder of Universal Education Foundation, Jonah Life Institute llc, and Life Energy Flow Tai Yi School of Healing.  I see them simply as labels, not who I am.  When asked the question, with all these labels how do you, as Hossca see Hossca?  My reply, I see myself as a philosopher of life. 

Philosophy is my love, my passion.- Hossca Harrison

Discovering An Adventure Called Life

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